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Why should a bookkeeper be a part of your business plan?
Bookkeepers = Peace of mind 
Many people think that accounting and bookkeeping are the same thing.  Really they are two different functions. Accountants use the numbers bookkeepers provide to prepare corporate taxes, do tax planning for your business and help you navigate through important business requirements to Canada Revenue Agency.
Bookkeepers look after all of your papers, sort them, complete data entry, prepare draft copies of your financial statements, prepare government remittances, complete payroll, reconcile bank accounts; they make sure you are not missing any revenue or expenses or remittance deadlines.  A bookkeeper helps keep your accounting bill down.  They help keep your payroll down too; outsource your bookkeeping for the time it takes to do your books without the added payroll expenses.
An important fundamental of business is that as the business owner you are legally responsible for all of the companies reporting.  You can not afford to make assumptions when it comes to your books.
Knowing each month where your business stands financially allows you to make responsible business spending decisions and spending plans for the future.  
Hiring a professional and experienced bookkeeper gives you peace of mind.


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